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We are dedicated to making a positive difference to our community and the environment.  Here are our policies related to corporate social responsibility:

We aim to improve access to clothing for all people that wear plus and mid size clothing

We aim to increase accessibility by:

  • Creating a safe, welcoming space for any kind of person
  • Providing affordable, local shopping options for people with limited choices
  • Building up people who have had previous bad experiences shopping elsewhere due to their size or other factors.  Everybody deserves to have clothing that makes them feel beautiful and confident.
A dedication to fair employment practices

We aim to take care of our employees by:

  • Paying an hourly wage that is no less than 25% of the local average cost of housing (based on the average cost in our local area of a one bedroom apartment at full time; adjusted yearly)
  • Investing in our employees through paid time for personal and professional development
  • Flexible time off and scheduling
  • Paid vacation time
  • Creating a positive work environment where employees can enjoy their job
  • Valuing each employee by accepting their feedback, suggestions, and other input
  • Offering fair and equal employment opportunites to all groups of people
Taking care of the environment

We aim to do our small part to protect the planet from climate change by:

  • Offsetting our emissions through planting trees (and other methods in the near future).  At the time of this writing, we have planted eight trees in our state.
  • Increasing accessibility of used clothing to combat the amount of waste created by the fashion industry.  Many pieces of clothing we sell directly replace people purchasing new items.
  • Dedicating ourselves to purchasing from sustainable suppliers as much as possible for our supplies
  • Reducing our waste by as much as possible by putting systems in place to avoid the need for disposables
text that reads "Let's be friends"
text that reads "Let's be friends"

Stay in touch with Blossom+! We send out coupons about twice a month, and not much else besides the occasional announcement.  We don't share your information with third parties or send many emails.

Affordable plus size clothing, plus size dresses, plus size tops, plus size jeans, bags, and accessories in Cookeville, TN.

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