Free in-store pickup for all orders & free shipping on orders of $75 or more

Free in-store pickup for all orders & free shipping on orders of $75 or more

Free shipping on orders of $75 or more

Consignor Services
Since the eCommerce portion of our website launched earlier this year, we have seen some exciting results.  When items are listed for sale online, they can sell quicker (which often means at higher prices) because we can get them directly in front of the audience that’s searching for those exact items.  We have been working our way through posting as many as we can on our website, but since we usually have close to 5,000 items in stock at any given time, our small team does not have the capacity to post them all.  In order to expand our capacity to list items online, we are launching a few premium consignor services that allow our consignors to purchase various “Consignor Boosts.”  These premium boosts can do things such as guarantee your items are listed for sale online, have your items featured at the top of the shop page for that category on our website, or even have your items featured on the front page of our website.

These boosts are designed to be purchased online, but you can also purchase them at the time of drop off or while shopping in-store.  All services can be purchased online as well, even with consignor credit!  Simply visit our website, add them to your cart just as you would any other item, and choose purchase with consignor credit at checkout. 

Overall Goals of These Programs

• Our number one reason for these services is to sell your items quicker given our resources and retail space.

• Expand our capacity for both selling and accepting drop offs through the additional team members we will bring on as a direct result of these programs.

Consignor eCommerce Boost 🌸 Your Items Guaranteed to be Listed Online

See your sales quickly start to bloom with the purchase of our new consignor service, the Consignor eCommerce boost.  With any of the following packages, your items are guaranteed to be listed for sale on our website* to reach a wider audience to increase the odds of your items selling before the clearance dates**.  

eCommerce Feature Boost 🌸 Limited Slots for Early Access Now Available

If any of your items are posted on our website, our eCommerce Feature Boost will put them front and center! The featured listings appear at the top of the category page in a special featured section. Each parent category (for example, tops) has eight slots available, and each child category (for example, sweaters) has four slots available. There are also eight front-page slots available. A feature boost lasts for up to two weeks or until your item sells, whichever is sooner.

Consignor Story Boost 🌸 Very Limited Slots for Early Access Now Available

Did you know that we have almost 4,000 followers on Facebook now? With our Consignor Story Boost, we will post a custom story just for you that features either one extra special item or a small selection of your items. These posts have the potential to reach thousands of people in the local area in addition to our followers from around the country. If you have an extra-special item that you would love to give an extra boost, we can make and post a story to feature it.

Can I pick the items that are listed?
Only items that are in the designer bags, designer wallets, or designer accessories categories can be hand-picked for these promotions by the consignors. This is so that we can get you the best return on your investment possible since we see what items are trending on our website and which items are on-hold in the store.
I don’t want to purchase boosts. Will my items still be listed online?
We work hard to sell your items no matter if you purchase premium boosts or not. Even if you don’t purchase these boosts, we try to post and feature as many as our small team is able. These paid boosts are designed to increase our capacity for posting online, which will benefit all consignors in the long run.

-As these features are all new, they are subject to change at any time. Any boosts purchased before the change will be honored to the full terms of agreement.
-eCommerce Boost posts items to our eCommerce website, which then imports to our Facebook shop given that the item meets Facebook advertising policies. Although items may also be featured in our daily posts or clearance features, the eCommerce Boost does not guarantee this.
*eCommerce Boost guaranteed posting program and promotions are subject to item quality approval. If items do not meet our quality standards to be put out for sale after you’ve purchased a boost, no refunds are available for the boost. However, if you purchase an eCommerce boost greater than the amount of eligible items available to post, an item post credit will be added to your consignor account. For example, if you purchase a boost for fifty items to be posted to our website but we find three items that we must return to you for quality issues, then you will have a credit of three items to be posted with a future transaction.
**Although the majority of items are able to reach a target market quicker using online sales channels, we are not making a guarantee that your item will sell due to being posted online, nor are we guaranteeing that it will sell before the sale dates. Our guarantee is that we will post your items for sale on the website.
***We list as many as eBay allows, but not all items are sent to our eBay store due to limited space.

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