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It is our goal to help our consignors get the full amount that their item is worth, so please be assured that we will price your items with careful consideration.  Many consignors ask how we price our items, so we’ve included some information here.

All items will be priced according to our past sales and pricing data as well as public sales and pricing data available from online marketplaces.  We look at which items actually sold and at which prices.

If you are hoping to get a certain price for any items, please let us know when you drop off the items.  If we believe we can accommodate that price, we will accept the item. If we don’t believe we can sell the item at the price you need, we will not accept the item.

The three most important factors we consider when we are pricing include:


  • More popular brands, such as Torrid and Lane Bryant, hold their value better than other brands, such as LuLaRoe or Wal-Mart brands.
  • Depending on the item, some Torrid and Lane Bryant can easily sell for $15-25, whereas other brands are typically priced at $8-12.  Generic or budget brands generally sell for around $5-7.


  • When was this item new in stores?  The more recent an item is, the better you can price.  Items that are 5+ years old (even if in excellent condition) need to be priced significantly lower to account for this.
  • Crop tops are in high demand right now, so some sold at higher prices than others items in the same brand and condition category.
  • Items that are more plain (such as t-shirts) will be priced lower than other items from the same brand, such as stylish dresses.


  • Although we only accept clothing in great condition, there can still be a wide variety of conditions that are acceptable for our sale.
  • If an item is new with tags, it will sell for more than a gently loved item.
  • If an item is still in good condition but has been worn many times, it will not have as much life left in it and will need to be priced lower to accommodate for this.

Other notes about our pricing:

  • We generally start around 50% of retail.  After that, we adjust for factors such as style, condition, and brand.  More popular brands, such as Torrid and Lane Bryant, hold their value better than other brands, such as LuLaRoe or Wal-Mart brands, and will be priced higher.  People shop consignment sales in search of great deals, so we price with that in mind.
  • We price based on our own sales data, but also look for items that are marked as sold on Facebook Marketplace.  If we are unfamiliar with a brand, we put research into it before pricing.
  • In general, items at a consignment sale can go for a little more than at a yard sale or on marketplace because shoppers can be assured of quality.

We know that pricing is a complicated subject, so we hope this helps explain our process!  

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text that reads "Let's be friends"

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