Free in-store pickup for all orders & free shipping on orders of $75 or more

Free in-store pickup for all orders & free shipping on orders of $75 or more

Free shipping on orders of $75 or more

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A few members of the Blossom Plus family

A personal note from Abigail Laprad, Founder of Blossom+

Blossom+ got its start in 2020 when I  found myself with some extra office space for two months.  My other business had leased a space for a year, but had to move due to it being a bad location.  I thought, “If I have to pay for the space for two more months anyway- I’m going to do something fun with it!

As somebody who has always been on a strict budget and has worn plus sizes since elementary school, building a wardrobe that I can afford and love has always felt impossible.  I never had the luxury of getting to dress in things that made me feel my best because it was simply inaccessible on my budget.  I tried shopping at consignment, thrift, and discount stores and could occasionally find things that were an amazing addition to my wardrobe, but for the most part, these stores had limited plus size options.

For this reason, I decided to host a pop-up plus size consignment event for those two months.  With the support of my husband, our kids, my family, my friends, and our wonderful community, the first event was a bigger success than I could have ever imagined.  I was blown away by the demand for this service- and I quickly found myself planning future pop-up events.  Throughout 2021, we hosted a total of five pop-up events in Cookeville, TN.

In October 2021, we opened our full-time retail location.  My family and I are so thankful for the overwhelming support from our community for our small business.  To bring better shopping options to people who traditionally have limited options and getting to do our part to reduce waste in a highly polluting industry is such a rewarding experience.

We are still learning and growing every day, and I can’t wait to continue to serve our community over the coming years.  I cannot put into words how deeply I appreciate each and every one of you.  

Thank you,

Abigail Laprad

A few members of the Blossom Plus family

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