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We are now open at our new location!  Come and see the new store at 620 S. Jefferson Suite 108 in Cookeville, TN

A big thank you to everybody who has supported our business!

We want to begin by thanking everybody that has made this possible!  We cannot express how grateful we are to all consignors and shoppers that have supported our small business. We are so happy that you are helping us in our mission to make mid and plus size clothing more accessible in our community!

New Hours & Location

Starting October 4th, will be open Monday through Saturday from 10 am to 7 pm.

Our new store is located in the same building as Game X Change and Tommy Nails at 620 S Jefferson Suite 108 in Cookeville, TN.

At the beginning of October, we opened at our permanent location.  There are several important changes that we need to share with consignors.

Our full time store opened October 4th, 2021.  There are several important changes that took place to better serve both consignors and shoppers moving forward.  We changed our systems to more closely align with what is expected of a traditional consignment store as opposed to the pop up event that we were in the past, including changes to tagging and pricing.  If you are a consignor, please read the updates at the bottom of this page for a quick summary of changes.  For full details, please also see our About, Policies, What We Accept, and About Consigning pages.

Important note:  We no longer require hangers or manual tags for items celebr

Here are a few highlights about this transition:

If you questions have after reading the summary below, please also read our About, Policies, What We Accept, and About Consigning pages for full details.  If you still have questions after you have read these pages, please feel free to contact us using the form on our Contact Page.

We now price your items for you. Please see important details.

1. We will now price all items that are dropped off.

To help our consignors earn as much as possible for their items and to make the consigning process easier, we will now price and tag your items for you.

We set these prices based on both our own pricing data that we have collected during the past couple of months and sales data that is available from online marketplaces. It is our goal to help our consignors get the full amount that their item is worth, so please be assured that we will price your items with careful consideration.

As a consignor, if you ever have concerns about pricing for a specific item, we are happy to take time to chat with you about pricing when items are dropped off.

Consignors had the choice to have us transfer their items to our new location and pricing system or pick up their items at the end of September.  Any consignor that did not reply to us before this move had their items stored instead of moved.  If you fall into this category, please contact us right away so that we can either get your items back to you or put back out for sale.

2. Our new pricing system automatically reduces the price of items that have not sold.

If an item does not sell, the price will automatically be reduced by 25% of the original price after 30, 60, and 90 days.  These discounts are shown on the tag along with the date that they will be discounted.

Items can now stay in the store for up to 120 days.

Items can now stay in the store for up to 120 days.  Items cannot be picked up before this time period once they are dropped off.

If we accept an item and later realize that it does not meet our selling requirements, it needs to be picked up immediately

As we have a smaller space available, if we accept an item and later realize that it does not meet our selling requirements, it needs to be picked up immediately. Consignors will be contacted to pick up the item(s) within seven days. Consignors can also choose to donate the item to a nonprofit.  If the item is not picked up, it will be donated to a nonprofit.

No more handmade tags or hanger requirements
From now on, there is no need to hang or tag your items. We now handle all that for you! Simply register as a consignor, make sure your clothing is in good condition, and schedule a time to drop it off.
We will no longer be having monthly clearance sales on a regular basis because items automatically go on sale after 30 days.

As items will now be automatically discounted if they stay in the store for more than 30 days, we will no longer be hosting our monthly clearance sales.  However, we may still host them on occasion for items that have been in the store longer than 30 days.  Please follow us on social media and join our email list to be notified of these sales.

We will be changing our list of items that we accept, including jewelry.

Our new space is smaller, so we have to be more selective about the items that we accept. We have chosen to no longer carry some of these items due to low demand. We will make a few exceptions for special items, but please reach out to us first. See the What We Accept page for full details, but here is a brief summary of updates:

• We will now accept accessories and jewelry. However, we ask that you do not bring us high-end jewelry that we do not have the skills to authenticate.

• We will no longer accept wedding dresses, pantsuits, skirtsuits, button-up or button-down shirts with collars, blazers, shoes, or dress jackets.

Exceptions are occasionally made for the following brands: Torrid, Lane Bryant, Catherine’s, Hot Topic, Maurice’s, and Shein. If you aren’t sure, please contact us.

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text that reads "Let's be friends"

Stay in touch with Blossom+! We send out coupons about twice a month, and not much else besides the occasional announcement.  We don't share your information with third parties or send many emails.

Affordable plus size clothing, plus size dresses, plus size tops, plus size jeans, bags, and accessories in Cookeville, TN.

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