Free in-store pickup for all orders & free shipping on orders of $75 or more

Free in-store pickup for all orders & free shipping on orders of $75 or more

Free shipping on orders of $75 or more

About Consigning

Consigning with us is a quick and easy way to clear out your closet while earning some extra spending money.  Simply prepare your items, bring them to us, and we handle the rest!  We take care of display, marketing, organization, payments, and so much more.  Compared to selling on marketplace, clothing resale apps, or even a yard sale, this is the most hassle-free way to sell those items that just aren’t for you.

Here’s how the process works:

1. Read our policies and FAQs listed online

We want to make sure our consignors know what to expect!  Please begin by reading the FAQs and Our Policies.

2. Register as a consignor on our website

Register as a consignor on our Registration page.  Registration takes about ten minutes and gives us the details we need to get you into our system.  

3. Gather and prepare your items

Gather your items to bring to us.  Drop off appointments are temporarily limited to 50 items per drop off and one drop off per week per consignor until we are able to add more staff.  We accept a maximum of 200 items per consignor in the store at any given time. Please make sure all clothing you bring us is freshly laundered, in good condition, and folded. Please see our Preparing Your Items and What We Accept pages for full details and current information about preparing your items and what we are accepting.

4. Schedule a time to drop off your items

After registration, schedule a drop off time online.  Because we operate as a small team, we only accept drop offs at registered times to ensure that we will be able to get your items checked in quickly.

5. We work hard to sell your items for you.

Sit back and let us handle the bulk of the work!  We sell both online and in person to ensure we get as many of your items sold as possible.  No more scheduling meetings to sell your items one by one!

6. Get paid! Consignor credit & payout information

As your items sell, credit for them will be added to your consignor account.  You can view your earning on our Consignor Portal.  Consignor credit can be applied toward purchases immediately after your items have sold.  Just be sure to bring your state-issued ID.

Payout Procedure WAs your items sell throughout the month, consignor credit will be added to your account.  This credit is available for immediate use to cover in-store and online purchases with us.  For any unused consignor credit, checks are available for you to pick up on the first of each month.  If not picked up by the tenth, they will be mailed to the address listed when you registered.  Effective July 2022, any checks that are mailed will have a fee of $1.50.

7. Pick up or have us donate any left over items after 120 days.
Items can now stay in the store for up to 120 days. Items cannot be picked up before this time period once they are dropped off. If you have items left in the store longer than 120 days, you will be contacted to schedule a time to pick them up. If you selected at the time of registration to donate left over items, we will automatically donate them to a local nonprofit.

More Information

We offer a standard 60/40 split on consigned items in favor of the consignor.  For example, if we sell a $10 item for you, you will be paid $6.

Consignors can login to the online consignor portal at any time to see the amount that they’ve earned during the month and any inventory they have in stock.  Consignors may use their earnings immediately as in-store credit.

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